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A formula in which oils are mixed in a balanced way that provide softness and a different touch in the kitchen.
Blended olive oil refers to a combination of olive oil with other types of oils. It is commonly used in cooking to provide a milder flavor and a higher smoke point than pure olive oil.
The term «blended olive oil» can encompass various combinations, depending on the specific product. Some common blends include olive oil mixed with other vegetable oils like canola, sunflower, or soybean oil. These blends are created to balance the desirable characteristics of olive oil, such as its flavor and health benefits, with the higher smoke point and affordability of other oils..

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Production Plants

– Baeza, Jaen, Spain (Mill)
– Ciudad Real,Spain (Packing Place)
– Adamuz, Cordoba,Spain (Mill)
– Malaga , Spain (Refinery)
– Dos hermanas, Sevilla (Table Olives)

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