Bulk Olives Oils

Sunflower Oil 

BulkoliveOil puts at your disposal different varieties of sunflower oils of the best quality, so that you can have them at any time, in any format and anywhere in the world.

Organic Refined Sunflower Oil: Our Organic Sunflower oil is extracted from the best quality organic sunflower seeds cultivated without usage of any chemicals or pesticides. The oil has a light-yellow color and very neutral taste. Thanks to its high smoke point it is generally used in roasting, stir-frying and deep-frying.

Refined Sunflower Oil: The sunflower oil that is produced from the seeds is a healthy vegetable oil used in cooking and frying for its high “smoke point.”

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Production Plants

– Baeza, Jaen, Spain (Mill)
– Ciudad Real,Spain (Packing Place)
– Adamuz, Cordoba,Spain (Mill)
– Malaga , Spain (Refinery)
– Dos hermanas, Sevilla (Table Olives)

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